Introduction to Framework

Framework Introduction Chapters

What is Framework?

Introduction to Framework

Framework is set of reusable software program or libraries or API’s that forms the basis for building a Software application quickly.

Earlier it was very hard to develop complex web applications. Now it’s very easy to develop such application using different kinds of frameworks such as Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Flex etc.

Like software libraries, frameworks are reusable abstractions of code within a well-defined API, but distinctive feature separate them from libraries or normal user applications:


Advantages of Using Framework:

  • It minimizes the time and energy in developing any software.
  • Frameworks provides a standard working system through which user can develop the desired module of application or complete application instead of developing lower level details.
  • Using frameworks, the developers can devote more time in developing the software requirement, not in preparing the environment and tools of application development.